La Dame de Onze Heures
A story by Paul Lepetit et Yasmina Tayoub
Dance, sculpture, music, poetry and culinary creations all came together on May 20, 2023 on the beach at La Redoute, on the Orne estuary in Normandy.

Choreography and performance : Yasmina Tayoub, Leïla Alice
Sculptures and costumes : Paul Lepetit, Marianne Dupain, Mathilde Sevaux, Annah Linhart-Bougré, Monia El Fannane
Soundtrack : Paul Lepetit, Raphaël Massart
Poems : Yasmina Tayoub, Leïla Alice
Food : Gufo
Photos : Raphaël Massart
Graphic design : Estelle Vanmalle
Production and co-writing : Anna Dotigny