Everyone’s watching the sulky boy, 2021, commission in Montreuil
Finally, elsewhere, it’s exactly the same story, fabrics, 2021

Inconceivable rictus, of a gray ease,
                              you don’t look well,
I am soft

view of the exhibition Stone in focus, 2020, at DOC, Paris

Necessarily when we separate them he finds himself next door. 

Elle a tout le temps du monde pour elle, metal, tissus & laiton, 2020
She has all the time in the world for herself, metal, fabric & brass, 2020 
Mes bras étendent tes vêtements, métal, tissus & laiton, 2020
My arms stretch your clothes, metal, fabric & brass, 2020

absurd, thoughtless, gives its anti-reason,
in her wacky way of resting, she’s funny but bad,
i love her because she is contradictory, incongruous reason,

Je connais une île où il n’y a pas de chasseurs. Les oiseaux peuvent y voler tranquilles, 2020, cuir, peinture, crayons de couleurs, bois 122 cm x 72 cm
I know of an island where there are no hunters. Birds can fly in peace, 2020, leather, paint, coloured pencil, wood, 122 cm x 72 cm

This redundancy, makes me enjoy a pleasure           minimal.

which fits itself into the intersection of the squealing door, the wild eyes of the captain.

contre-toi, tissus, 2020
against you, fabric, 2020
some refreshment, 2020, installation
some refreshment, 2020, view of the installation
La Pâte, weekly show with Lina Hentgen on Radio DUUU*

the nectar of this falsely inked gesture in my epidermis, hurts my desire,
 to do.
gives a hesitant tone that takes flight and constitutes my laugh.  

vue d’ensemble, DNSEP, 2019
view of the exhibition, DNSEP, 2019
L’étrange beauté de tes tripes de cristal, EP, 2019

tomorrow, another face jumps out at me,
the spring is essential to give life,

                                                                      generosity of the beautiful world.                                                                      

essuyé le mouillé, 2019, lithographie
wipe the wet, 2019, lithography
el horizonte, 2018, tube en PVC de 15 mètres
el horizonte, 2018, PVC
une main sera toujours là, bois, tissus, 2019
a hand will always be there, wood, fabric, 2019

I can finally sniff, I can’t breathe,
pick up my breath.
                                  it’s the start again, -my resignation is beautiful-.

Mr. Schwamm, 2018, éponge, bois, métal & scotch
Mr. Schwamm, 2018, sponge, wood, metal & tape